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7 Awesome Reasons Why You Need A Shipping Container Home in Costa Rica!

The small house movement has been gaining in momentum over the past couple of years and isn't showing any signs of stopping. With the advancement of technology and people making their own hours, as well as working from anywhere in the world, the appeal of owning a number of small homes around the world is incredibly enticing. This is no different in Costa Rica, and in fact may be even more appealing! With most living being done outside, a shipping container home may be exactly the way to dip your toes into a tropical lifestyle.

These are seven awesome reasons why considering a shipping container home in Costa Rica should be on your radar:

You Can Choose the Best View Possible

Sunsets from the deck and feeling like you're on top of the world; an ocean-view property in Costa Rica is something most people can only dream about. But, take the expensive home out of the equation, and all of a sudden you've got the ideal property, at a fraction of the price, with a shipping container home that allows you to enjoy your property without breaking the bank.

Keep in mind, when you're purchasing something like an ocean-view property in a tropical destination, the investment is the property, not the house. Plus, putting an efficient and affordable container home on a prime piece of real estate allows you to still enjoy it, rent it, etc., but have flexibility and time to design your dream home. Then, simply move your container home to a different area on the property, and voila! A guesthouse!

Bottom line; don't spend your hard-earned dollars on the home... focus on the perfect property.

They Can Be Easily Moved

So you've bought what you thought would be the perfect property, only to find the TRULY perfect property 12 months later? No problem! A shipping container home can easily be moved to any location, not only on the property, but also even within the country. In many cases, there isn't any disassembly required to safely relocate the home.

They're Affordable with High Resale Value

With today's current global economy, everyone is conscious of saving money where they can. Building a custom home is exciting, but it can easily go over-budget, especially if you're required to travel to Costa Rica on a regular basis to choose finishes, supervise specific jobs, etc. With a shipping container home, the interior and exterior space to make decisions on is ‘cut and dry', with limited areas to go over budget on. In addition, the re-sale options on a shipping container home, as opposed to an expansive custom home, is a much easier endeavor, since the possibility of décor and finishes becoming too niche are less likely.

They're Eco Friendly

No doubt you want to do your part for the planet and become more environmentally friendly, right? In this case, a shipping container home perfectly fits the bill! It's estimated that there are currently 17 million used shipping containers throughout the world, with approximately 6 million currently in use. This translates to literally millions of containers not in use that can be re-purposed and put towards a better use.

They're Stylish and Functional

Looking at a shipping container sitting in a cargo yard, it's hard to imagine it being a stylish and modern living space. But that couldn't be further from the truth! The options to create an aesthetically appealing space are endless, from contemporary to traditional. And if you decide you'd like to add another bedroom, a gym or make your living room larger, it's simple! Do you know how difficult it is to take down internal walls in a traditional house? Very. With containers all you have to do is cut away the internal walls to connect spaces, or you can easily stack them up, as they fit perfectly together.

They're Quick to Complete

For some folks, designing and building a dream home in paradise is something they're prepared to commit to... for others, they'd rather get a root canal. Completing a shipping container home on a prepared, ocean view lot is quick and efficient, without a lot of room for detailed requirements and custom finishes. That said, customization is absolutely possible, but because the space is used so efficiently, it's easy to finalize the details in an expeditious manner.

They're Virtually Indestructible

The final awesome reason why a shipping container home in Costa Rica should be a serious consideration is that they are virtually indestructible. Its no surprise that the US army uses them as shelters! These containers are designed to hold up to thirty tons of weight and to be stacked up to seven high; that's over 200 tons when fully loaded. So there is absolutely no doubt that shipping containers can easily withstand whatever weight loads a typical house will place upon it.

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