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Why buy in Jaco?

Jaco Beach and the surrounding areas have only really grown in the last decade as far as development and infrastructure, especially with the creation of the Los Sueños Resort and Marina just over ten years ago. Less than twenty-five years ago, it was very much a sleepy surf beach town, there was little tourism and the seasons were well marked when we had the most visitors.

Biggest Little City in Jaco

Jaco has a very specific set of circumstances that makes this area very desirable for all kinds of investors. For instance:

  • Jaco (aka, the “City on the Sea”) is the closest beach to San José at less than an hour and a half away.
  • The stretch of land that comprises Garabito within which Jaco, Herradura and Hermosa are located holds more biodiversity then most known areas in the country for flora and fauna.
  • The surf is up year round.
  • The current rental market has been strengthening over the past few years. These economic conditions have created a stable as well as increasing return on investment (ROI) for rental properties making it optimal for investors looking to make rental income and have a place to vacation.
  • Jaco features award winning restaurants in various types of cuisine.
  • Herradura features a world class marina for all kinds of ocean adventures and, in less than ten minutes, you can be in the mountains hearing nothing but wildlife and surrounded by lush tropical greenery.
  • On top of all this, you can enjoy a more urban feel in town as at any given time our population is between seven and ten thousand full-time inhabitants.
  • When it comes to real estate, there’s something for everyone: from a one bedroom apartment to large private homes to development properties.

Costa Rica is also now setting the bar for renewable energy, looking to be a greener more efficient country. The country has recently been running completely on renewable energy. We use hydroelectric, geothermal, solar, and wind power and we have been using self-sustainable energy for over seventy-five days straight. This is a huge accomplishment for the country and allows us to grow in a sustainable way which will in turn continue to grow our current market. When you consider other factors such as the new international airport that will be build less then forty minutes from Jaco, it makes us truly the “City on the Sea”.

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